Advice on the Best Ways to Quit Smoking

A lot of smokers find it hard to quit because they simply don’t know how. If you want to kick the habit, your desire and willpower play an important factor. Still, you need to keep your mind off the cigarettes and focus on other much more productive endeavors. Here is a list of ways that can help you get rid of smoking forever.

  1. Clean your house and workspace, getting rid of all things that remind you of smoking

A whiff of cigarette smoke, even a stale one, can cause you to start reaching out for a stick again. To keep the temptation at bay, clean your house and workspace thoroughly. Scrub and wash off anything that smells even a hint of tobacco. Consider using air fresheners to mask any remaining cigarette scents. You also need to get rid all the ashtrays, lighters, and items that will trigger your cravings for a smoke.

  1. Exercise can replace the “high” you get from cigarettes

Exercise, especially those that strenuous activity such as running, triggers the release of dopamine. This natural chemical can give the same “high” you get from smoking cigarettes. Physical activities are also good for your health and keep the body in shape. Focus on improving your well-being through exercise and you won’t have much time thinking about smoking.

  1. Focus and spend more time with your hobby

If you don’t have a hobby yet, then this is the best time to do so. Take up a pottery class or start collecting seashells, any activity that can keep your mind busy from thinking about smoking. You will also notice that your sense of smell and taste has gotten sharper after giving up smoking. From now on, the meals will start to taste better.

  1. Pick a healthy snack

People who stopped smoking usually notice an increase in appetite. To avoid gaining unwanted pounds, pick a healthy snack to eat in between meals. You can choose baby carrots or even celery sticks instead of the highly processed and sugar loaded snacks. Pretend that the carrot or celery in your mouth is a cigarette. But instead of smoking, you slowly nibble the food.

  1. Cut your coffee or caffeine fix

The cigarette’s nicotine counters the effect of the caffeine you take in. But once you stop smoking, the caffeine will have a stronger kick than usual. The effect will cause your heart rate to increase which makes it harder to deal with stress. Caffeine is also a stimulant that can make it harder for you to sleep. Cutting back on your coffee consumption can help a lot.

  1. Meditation and stress balls can calm the nerves

Meditation is a handy way of dealing with the psychological need for smoking. It involves deep breathing and relaxation of both mind and body. Meditation can help you understand the situation that triggers your craving for a smoke. Once you become aware, it gets easier to stay away from those triggers. Another tool that can keep your mind relaxed and calm is a stress ball or any similar item. Once the daily stress is removed, you have one less trigger for your nicotine cravings.

  1. If you can’t keep the cravings at bay perhaps electronic cigarettes can help

Quitting is one thing but keeping the cravings at bay is another. Fortunately, you can try using e-cigarettes instead of the real thing. Simply go online and choose the best electronic cigarette brands that can help you cope with the nicotine withdrawal.

To stop smoking, you will need willpower and the desire to do so. Removing all traces of cigarettes and smoking from your living and work space can help stop your cravings. Exercise and a hobby will keep your mind occupied. Eating healthy food and cutting coffee consumption will help your body recover from the effects of smoking. Meditation and stress balls can put your mind in a relaxed and calm state.