5 Amazing Medical Breakthroughs Achieved in 2017


If there is one thing that best describes today’s healthcare, then that would be it is ever-changing. Our understanding of human health conditions has grown leaps and bounds, thanks to the ever-increasing reliance on advanced technologies as well as the sharing of research information across various fields of interest to bring to man some of the most amazing discoveries of the 21st century. As we wind our countdown towards 2018 we have born witness to some of the most amazing medical breakthroughs in 2017. Here are 5 of them. Na-Nose Disease-Smelling Breath Test 

Boasting of the same principles used in breathalyzer tests, the Na-Nose device is currently hailed as one of the most amazing medical breakthroughs in 2017 primarily for its ability to detect up to 17 different disease conditions through the identification and analysis of volatile organic compounds that are present in an individual’s breath.

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