Dr. Dukan’s Health Site

Getting the wrong information about health and about various health conditions is perhaps even worse than having the disease itself. Unfortunately, the internet is littered with misconceptions and purposefully misleading statements about health and disease conditions that filtering them out is almost an impossible task. That is why Dr. Dukan’s Health Site was conceptualized, organized, built, and continuously developed to provide you with only the most relevant, evidence-based subjects related to health.

It all starts with getting the right information from a credible source. Many of the health articles we read online today come with pure marketing intent, designed primarily to advance the product of a particular brand. While we can appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit of these entities, care should be taken in the publication of erroneous health information. This can significantly impact your overall health, which can literally spell life or death. Dr. Dukan’s Health Site aims to provide you with only credible information that have sound scientific basis and have been extensively proven in the health sciences community.

Our goal is to bring to you factual information to help you make better informed decisions related to the management of your health problems such as arthritis, cancer, and asthma. These are very common disease conditions that have been exploited by unscrupulous entities, promising instant, magical cure.

A look at magazines, print ads, and other advertising media and you can see a few outstanding themes – beauty and aging. In fact, these two phenomena are generally depicted as coexisting. To be considered beautiful, one has to slow down the aging process. And the only way you can stop the aging process is by adhering to some treatments that will make you beautiful again. Sadly, in real life, this is not always the case. And we will show you just how much wrong information media has fed today’s generation.

There are also those who are averse to non-western medical practices such as acupuncture. While there is a dearth of empirical evidence to support its effectiveness, one simply cannot discount the fact that the technique has been used for millennia in other cultures. The principles of acupuncture are also now being used in more western techniques such as myofascial trigger point dry needling. The fact that there are now a growing number of western physicians incorporating these alternative medical practices into their own practice is proof of its value in ensuring optimum health.

The right to optimum health is inherent in everyone. However, of critical importance is the validity and accuracy of health information. With Dr. Dukan’s Health Site, you can rely on authoritative information to help you lead healthier lives.